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Future Events

Music Bridges… Cuban Reunion

To commemorate our groundbreaking “Music Bridges….Over Troubled Waters” Cuban event, and in light of the current renewed thawing in relations, we will invite back some of the original American and Cuban artist and writer participants to celebrate that historic gathering in tandem with a new and musically diverse group of artists and writers. Traveling to Havana, they will explore and showcase the creative possibilities and positive changes that will come out of further musical collaboration between our two countries in the current hopeful climate for change. We anticipate the final concert being presented as a free, open air event for the Cuban public.

Music Bridges…Africa

To be held in South Africa. The songs will be written in multi-national combinations between the artists and writers invited from all over Africa, the US, and international nations to capture the essence & spirit of the continent and it's evolving global importance and cultural awareness. The final concert of new songs is proposed to take place on Robbens Island. Now a World Heritage site, but also a symbolic choice as the former place of imprisonment for Nelson Mandela for 27 years who serves now as a reminder of the enduring power of the human spirit we hope to illuminate again through the power of multi-cultural new music showcased there.

Music Bridges…Korean Peninsula

Artists and writers from both North & South Korea will collaborate with an equal delegation American & international guests. Retreat to take place on Cheju Island, a tropical island below the South Korean mainland. Concert if possible should be staged at or near the DMZ.

Music Bridges”…China

This project will feature the Music Bridges concept of cultural exchange through songwriting in the form of contemporary and traditional writers and artists from regions all over China (including Tibet), in collaboration with American and international artists and writers. The final night concert of new songs will be organized in Tiananmen Square, at the Great Wall, or another appropriate symbol of China. We would also hope to include artist or songwriter representatives from Taiwan as well.

Music Bridges…India/Pakistan

This project will present cultural exchange across the diverse musical elements and ethnic divide of the sub-continent region and by example, show the cooperation possible among artists as a role model for future political cooperation in the region. Besides India and Pakistani representatives from various parts of those countries (Kashmir, Assam, Waziristan, etc.) incorporating Hindu and Muslim writers, it is also planned to include regional participants from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, & Afghanistan in collaboration with American and other western nations.

Music Bridges…The Americas

This project will feature the use of Peru as a central location to make this project about representing all the various musical styles and cultures of Central and South America in collaboration with Americans and Europeans. As Peru was the seat of the ancient Incan culture and home to Macchu Pichu, one of the most spiritual places on Earth, the writing retreat and concert will take place in Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire and today a thriving high Andes city, and a short train ride away from Macchu Picchu. It is our intention that besides the normal elements of the “Music Bridges” concept, everyone will go together to Macchu Picchu on our break day for a “Top Of The World” jam session from among all the writer/artists present from all the nations represented.

Music Bridges…Indigenous Peoples

This project will include artist/writer representatives from as many indigenous peoples from around the world as possible, including US Native Indian Tribes, Ainu (Japan), Aborigines (Australia), Maoris (New Zealand), etc. The project can either take place in Australia at a local site connected to the heritage of the regional Asian and Oceanic participants (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc.), or in the USA in Alaska near an appropriate Native American Indian site.