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Music Bridges is dedicated to its' powerful goal of creating a forum in which songwriters and artists of different nationalities can explore and share their cultural heritage by collaborating in the creation of new songs. Acting as musical ambassadors they forge a mutual understanding with each other in the process.

For 2010 and beyond we will expand the Music Bridges format to involve children in the events themselves. Additionally, MB will establish ongoing programs enabling the children to continue to build upon the cross-cultural creative experience that they've just participated in on an ongoing basis: children uniting communities one song at a time. We will work closely with public and private educational institutions willing to administer ongoing collaborative songwriting programs and musical and audio engineering classes. All of the musical and recording equipment that we bring to each Music Bridges event will be donated to those institutions to help facilitate their efforts.

With this powerful concept in mind, our latest and most ambitious project to date “Music Speaks Louder Than Words,” will bring together 15 songwriter/artists from the Islamic and Arab world of nations to take part in three way songwriting collaborations with 15 Israeli artist/writers and 15 of their counterparts from the international world (including several major celebrities). It will be a full week of cultural immersion in a private retreat setting to bolster and further co-existence efforts in the region.

We will also invite groups of 15 children from the same three represented delegations to participate alongside and in conjunction with the adults in the same creative experience.

Both communities, children and adults, will follow the same long established Music Bridges format: collaborations drawn by random lottery, writing songs, interacting, socializing, living and eating together, and essentially creating a new community within the community for 5 days. There will be an organized “break day” in the middle where both children and adults will share a day of planned group activities together. Additionally, makeshift recording studios will be set up to record these new music creations, manned by prominent recording engineers and producers. The entire event will be documented on film as it unfolds.

This whole week of cultural experimentation will culminate in a final night concert where the invited artists and children will premier these new songs and showcase the musical unity that has been realized. The groundbreaking collaboration shown by these creative artists serves as an example of what is possible for all.